About Christina Utz

Christina Utz is a German entrepreneur and and digital marketing consultant. As Head of Digital at the leading Swiss PR agency CRK, she helps brands to effectively reach their target audiences.

She first became known for being the first German citizen to win a Stevie Award and earned several awards as the Co-Founder of an American digital marketing agency including the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Marketing and Advertising. In 2019, she moved to Switzerland where she served as Deputy Head of Marketing and Head of Online for Microspot and Interdiscount, Switzerland’s largest electronic retailer, which were awarded the Best of Swiss Web award the same year. she has worked on a variety of projects.

As of July 2020, she has joined CRK, one of Switzerland’s leading PR agencies, as Head of Digital. Among other mandates, CRK has been tasked with the communication for one of this century’s most exciting Swiss projects for the upcoming 9 years: a second tube for the famous Gotthard Road Tunnel. According to forecasts, the entire project to add the tube will cost around 2 billion Swiss francs (roughly 1.7 billion euros or 2.1 billion USD). Ultimately, the project will allow for a maximum capacity of 1000 cars per hour and make one of Europe’s most used tunnels safer as well as faster by having a dedicated breakdown lane.

In her free time, Christina enjoys horse riding, being a dog mom, and spending time with her family and friends.


  • Best of Swiss Web 2019
  • Forbes 30 under 30 List for Marketing & Advertising 2018
  • Google Partners All-Stars Winner 2016
  • Entrepreneur Magazine 360 List 2016
  • SEMY Awards, Nominated 2015
  • European Search Awards, Nominated 2015
  • US Search Awards, Nominated 2015
  • Stevie Award Winner 2015
  • Google Partners All-Stars Winner 2015
  • US Search Awards, Nominated 2014
  • European Search Awards, Nominated 2014
  • Google Partners All-Stars Winner 2014
  • US Search Awards, Nominated 2013
  • European Search Awards, Nominated 2013


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